Saturday, 10 February 2018

Improved user documentation

If you are a long-time MTF Mapper user, then you are probably just as surprised by this unexpected turn of events as I am, but I have updated the docs. Actually, it gets better: I completely rewrote the user documentation to produce the new and improved (yes, it is new, and yes, it is an improvement on the old docs) MTF Mapper user guide.

You can grab a PDF copy of the user guide here. I have discovered a way to produce a decent-looking HTML version of the PDF documentation; by selecting Help in the GUI (MTF Mapper version 0.6.14 and later) you should see a copy of the user guide open in your system web browser. This is probably a better way to ensure that you are reading the latest version of the user guide.

I have tried to make the user guide more task-focused so that new users will be able to have a better idea of what they can do with MTF Mapper, as well as how they can get started. However, it took me about two weeks to write the new user guide, and it weighs in at 50+ pages, so it is probably still a little intimidating at first glance. If you are a new user, and you have any suggestions on ways in which I can improve the user guide, please let me know.

Unfortunately, even 50+ pages are not enough to really cover all the functionality, and the sometimes non-intuitive behaviour, of MTF Mapper so there is still some work to be done.

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