Friday, 25 November 2016

MTF Mapper finally gets a logo!

It is a sad day for command line enthusiasts, but MTF Mapper has finally conformed by adopting a logo for its GUI version.

I guess in the world of graphical user interfaces, a logo is to an application what a flag is to a nation (cue the Eddie Izzard reference).

There is of course a new version of MTF Mapper (0.5.11 or later) available over on SourceForge. Lots of fixes and cleanup to the GUI; please let me know what you think of the new(ish) interface.


  1. The new GUI is certainly nicer for occasional users or those with a phobia of the command line. Nice work.

  2. Thanks Brett, your feedback is appreciated!

  3. Love it! I really appreciate that you keep this a living project. I'm looking forward to more discussion on your "--mf-profile" for field of focus (all done inside the GUI, of course).

  4. I couldn't help but notice that your logo has the target slanted at the requisite 5 degrees. Nice touch.

  5. Hello, using Windows 7 64-bits, i am unable to do anything with your latest release... is it supposed to compute or just display results from previous command line? Also could you provide some example of command line please? Thanks, Ludovic

  6. Hi Ludovic,

    The MTF Mapper GUI should work on Win7-64 (that is what I use). The GUI should allow you to view the results, i.e., it calls the command-line mtf_mapper.exe tool, and collects the outputs, which should be selectable in the tree-view panel on the right of the main GUI window.

    Try downloading the test file "sample_perspective_image_0.3.jpg" ( ). In the main GUI window, select "File->Open" from the menu, and select "sample_perspective_image_0.3.jpg". Make sure that only the "Annotated image" box is ticked in the file dialog, and click the "open" button. You should now have the label "sample_perspective_image_0" in the tree view. Expand this entry, and click on the "annotated" label. The "Current output" panel of the MTF Mapper GUI should now display some output --- you will have to scroll around a bit with this particular test image to see anything interesting.

    To replicate the output using only the command line tool, you can try
    mtf_mapper.exe -a sample_perspective_image_0.3.jpg out
    where "out" is an existing directory where the output will be written to; in this case, the file "annotated.png" should appear.

    You can obtain more information on the command line usage with "mtf_mapper.exe --help"; note that you will have to tell MTF Mapper where gnuplot is located for most of the other output types, e.g.,
    mtf_mapper.exe -p sample_perspective_image.0.3.jpg out --gnuplot-executable "C:\Program Files (x86)\MTF Mapper\bin\gnuplot\gnuplot.exe"

    I am aware that the MTF Mapper documentation is rather weak and outdated. Please take a look at Ed Dozier's "Cliff's Notes" MTF Mapper documentation ( ); this is much more accessible than my own documentation.